Saturday, February 4, 2012

I having one of those moments where I am unable to be surprised/offended/angry by any horrible news story that comes out. This is either a sad commentary on the state of the human race or just an acceptance that we have always been like this and that being angry at it serves no logical purpose. Possibly both. I am also reminded that people forced into situations where they are forced to accept things as normal that in their ordinary lives would be unacceptable (wars, extreme poverty, extreme loneliness, etc), they will eventually begin to do unacceptable things. I think people should keep this in mind when they judge the actions of anyone who they think is a despicable person. And I mean this directed to people of any political persuasion. Repression and denial are two of the begins probably in the human psyche and are the basis for the majority of horrible things that people have done in history.
Lest you think I am being defeatist and/or depressed an/or a cynic. I have also found that the answer to all the "why" questions seems to be contained in bits by Louis CK. Which is what makes all of this terribly, terrible funny

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