Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skate videos

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I think I've gotten to the point where my standards for skate videos has gone beyond the actual skating in the video. Case in point I recently bought the NIMH team video, Charging by Adam Johnson, and the new Ground Control video. Considering there was a lot of overlap with the actual skaters, I started paying more attention to the shooting and editing. Of the three, the Ground Control video was clearly the best.
My expectations for the NIMH team video were really high, considering their team, but they were let down. There is simply no excuse for not having multiple angles and shooting in HD these days. There was also a lot of bad angles in this video too. What happens when you don't have this is that edits end up being inconsistent video-quality wise. You also don't get the full impact of what is being the done, and it hurts the video overall. I think some of this might of have been intentional, too make it intentionally look dirtier, but it didn't work. It just looks like a video made like 10 years ago.
Charging was pretty good, AJ always seems to put together really good tour videos. But this video just didn't have the same quality that the GC video had. You could tell how hard everyone worked on that one. There is a lot of love that you can literally feel in the vid. And I think that's what stands out for me now. Its why I liked Fester so much, there's a joy in it even when the editing/shooting didn't add up.

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